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    San Marino 5000 Lira 2001

    Madagascar 10000 Ariary

    Madagascar 5000 Ariary

    Madagascar 2000 Ariary

    Madagascar 1000 Ariary

    Madagascar 500 Ariary

    Madagascar 200 Ariary

    Madagascar 100 Ariary

    Guernsey The Queen Mother's Centenary 2000

    Somalia Republic Elephant African Wildlife 2009

    Australia Kookaburra 2010

    Jersey Coronation Ann. of Queen Elizabeth II 1993

    Eritrea 100 Nakfa

    Eritrea 50 Nakfa

    Eritrea 20 Nakfa

    Eritrea 10 Nakfa

    Eritrea 5 Nakfa

    Eritrea 1 Nakfa


    Numis News

    # Namibia new 10 and 20 Dollars reported.. more
    # New Belarus coin Virgo 2013.. more
    # Iran new 5,000 Rial note reported.. more

    Numis Trivia

    # Flowing Hair Dollar is the most expensive coin in the world. Sold for $7.85m.. more
    # US Grand Watermelon note is the most expensive paper money in the world. Sold for $2.255m in 2006.. more
    # Doubloon is popular name of a Spanish gold coin originally valued at 4 dollars. The formal term was "2 escudos".
    # Maundy money is an annual gift made on Maundy Thursday of a set of pure silver coins made by the Royal Mint and distributed personally by the Monarch to the poor of Canterbury. The number of sets reflects the number of years the Monarch has occupied the throne.

    Numis Terms

    # Coin Alignment - A method of striking in which the obverse and reverse dies are aligned 180 degrees from each other. [more]
    # Medal Alignment - A method of striking coins in which both the obverse and reverse dies are aligned in the same direction. [more]
    # Effigy - The image or likeness of a person, usually on the obverse of a coin or medal.
    # Luster - Appearance of a coin's ability to reflect light; brilliance. Percentage of the original mint luster is one of the factors in determining grades of "Mint State" coins (e.g. MS-60, MS-65).